A Certified Aircraft Appraisal is a detailed assessment of an aircraft's fair market value based on a comprehensive examination of the aircraft's present physical condition as well as its complete history.

To determine the actual value of a specific aircraft, including its entire operational history, an in-depth inspection of the interior, exterior, avionics, maintenance history, airworthiness directives, supplemental type certificates, and logbooks is conducted to identify the individual worth of the aircraft.

Such a specific analysis (10 to 12 page report) is an invaluable tool in substantiating the nature and market value of the aircraft when considering collateral. The price guide "blue books" are unable to provide this specific assessment, which does affect the TRUE value of the aircraft.

A National Aircraft Appraisers Association certified appraisal is the most trusted and respected source of aircraft value, due to the stringent standards developed and upheld by the NAAA appraisers.

By demanding a certified NAAA aircraft appraisal, you are securing an unbiased expert opinion of the value of your aircraft, thereby safeguarding your investment.


  • To obtain a professional opinion of the current fair market value of an aircraft
  • To safeguard against potentially excessive Tax Assessments
  • To verify Damage Claims resulting from fire, hail, windstorms, accidents and other disasters
  • To provide an accurate basis for decision-making in the commitment of funds for acquisition
  • To provide persuasive, impartial evidence on the condition of an aircraft for legal issues
  • To assist a prospective purchaser in obtaining financing and appropriate insurance
  • To assist the financial institution in substantiating the nature and market value of the aircraft when considering collateral
  • To assist the financial institution by supporting the Loan Portfolio for examination by the Loan Committee and/or Bank Examiner